Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Online Exhibitions: Low cost, Big results" - Strategies, tools and training for doing it yourself

Digital Extra will be having its f nal conference, titled “Online Exhibitions: Low cost, Big results” in Brussels on 16 September 2010. At this international event, consortium members will be coming together to present an overview of the project and Digital Extra’s training courses as well as techniques, strategies, and best e-practices that could be most useful for creating online exhibitions.

    This major international event will take place in Brussels on the 16th of September 2010 and will offer participants the opportunity to learn about the project’s findings and network with other professionals in the cultural and ICT/media sectors. Taking place at the Royal Library of Belgium, situated in the heart of Brussels, participants will be only a few minutes from many of the city’s major museums and its historical centre. The second day of the conference, on September 17th, the project partners are proposing a workshop where participants may produce their first digital exhibition. This workshop will be divided into two groups: a basic course for those just beginning and an advanced course for those with more ICT knowledge and skills.
    Many institutions think more and more about doing a part of their public relations on the internet. More traditional forms require costly resources and are often only visible for a limited time. Moreover, many of the smaller institutions have hidden treasures in their collections, but because of f nancial restrictions may not be able to reach a larger audience. The “Digital Extra” project of-fers to sort out this problem. By creating a kind of toolkit to help create small, concise, well-presented online exhibition projects, Digital Extra has developed basic and advanced training courses that use simple methods to produce professional results. This event will provide the opportunity to learn about these training courses, techniques, strategies, and best e-practices that could be most useful for creating online exhibitions.

To register for this event, please go to ENCATC’s website:

    The deadline to register is 12 September 2010. Please note that there are a number of limited places available for the workshop on Friday, September 17th. Places will go to those who register first. For more information about the “Digital Extra” project, please visit our website:
    Please note that travel and accommodation costs will not be reimbursed to participants. Complimentary coffee breaks and a buffet lunch will be offered to participants on the 16th of September. For more information about the draft agenda, a list of hotels, directions to the conference venue, as well as other practical information, please contact Elizabeth Darley at:

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